Assisted Living Communities

For Assisted Living Communities, our Specialized Medpack provides a clear alternative to those bulky “pillow packs” or the need for multiple cards as with Medicine on Time, as offered by our competitors. Each resident will receive one comprehensive easy-to-use, seven-day, multi-dose card. This pharmacy-managed packaging eliminates the need for nursing staff or a family member prefilling a pillbox. Our Medpack offers a clear advantage to other systems, especially when medication storage space is limited.

As an Apothecare customer, you will receive:
  • Automatic weekly delivery of medication. Medications will be delivered on the same day each week. No need to call to reorder maintenance medication.
  • Medication prepackaged by the pharmacy in one convenient disposable card, similar to a pillbox.
  • Personalized pharmacy-managed medication changes. In the event your doctor changes your regimen, Apothecare will exchange your Medpack the same day. Our skilled delivery personnel will remove your old Medpack from the room to avoid confusion.
  • Delivery right to your room by a friendly and courteous Apothecare delivery person.
  • A Medsheet to be used by nursing staff (provided monthly and with every medication change).
  • Same delivery of new medication, antibiotics, and PRN medication upon request.

There is no monthly service charge for residents of Assisted Living Communities. Please contact us today. Our knowledgeable staff is available with your transition to Apothecare.


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