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With the right assistance, seniors (and others who may have physical limitations) are living at home longer than ever before. Apothecare’s innovative Specialized Medpack Program provides just the care needed to help you manage your medication independently, avoiding the need for skilled nursing services. Our pharmacists work closely with your physician in order to manage your complete medication regimen.

Our Medpack includes a one-week supply of medication, conveniently packaged in an easy to use, hygienic, disposable card (as shown below). This one card will include a comprehensive supply of all maintenance medication you take. No longer will you have to deal with multiple prescription bottles, or fill a pillbox.

Listed below are the benefits you will receive by enrolling in our Specialized Medpack Program:

  • Our pharmacist will reconcile all of your medication, making sure the Medpack we’ve provided contains all of the medications your doctor has prescribed.
  • Upon enrollment in the program, a pharmacist will visit you for training on proper use of the Medpack. They will review your medication with you and address any questions you may have.
  • Your Medpack can include any over-the-counter (OTC) medications or supplements you take.
  • Medication Therapy Management (MTM). You will be eligible for periodic medication reviews by the clinical pharmacist.
  • A friendly Apothecare delivery person will deliver your Medpack on the same day every week.
  • Your Medpack comes every week automatically. No need to call the pharmacy to refill each prescription.
  • Same-day delivery of new medications.
  • Emergency service available 24 hours per day


There is a minimal monthly service charge for the Specialized Medpack Program. This is in addition to your regular prescription copays. There is no additional charge for delivery. The service charge is covered by some Medicare plans and Elder Service agencies. Check with your plan to see if the service is covered.


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